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I am a full-time teacher, I know how hard education professionals work.

Whatever your position in a School, Nursery or College - Teacher, Support Staff or Leader – we are all working more unpaid overtime than ever before. Workload is relentless and excessive and has increased throughout the pandemic because of government incompetence and its disdain for education workers.

As a Workplace Rep, and previously as Branch Secretary of the largest single workplace Branch in the Union, I have the courage and the skills needed to defend members against the discrimination, poor treatment and unacceptable working conditions they too often experience. 

I have, personally, stood up to bullying management and protected colleagues from unjust and derogatory treatment. I have defended members against discrimination because of their race, sexuality and sex. I am committed to equality for all within the workplace and within our union.

As DGS I commit to protecting ALL members – leading the charge against all areas of discrimination and hate. The NEU must campaign against all forms of discrimination, ableism, racism and religious hate. I will build a union which celebrates diversity and understands that this enriches our union and our society.

As DGS I commit to addressing rising workload connected to spurious lesson observations, learning walks, drop-ins, book looks and excessive marking policies. The increase in busy work that does nothing to improve educational standards but everything to drive up anxiety and workload in the profession. 

As DGS I commit to ensuring that the 1265 hours of directed time is rigorously protected and that Teaching Assistants are not exploited by being deployed to cover whole classes.