Thank you to the Welsh Districts for nominating me for DGS. Here is part of what said at the all Wales hustings on the 10th June 2021...

It is vital that the implementation of the New Curriculum for Wales does not mean that educators are overwhelmed by excessive workload.

The NEU must ensure that the Welsh Government ensures that all educators are given the lead in time needed to make this curriculum work for all – as a teacher in England I can’t tell you how envious I am of a curriculum that specifically talks about skills and knowledge, which acknowledges innovation and creativity. This is a once in a generation moment – to get this curriculum right.

If you want ambitious, capable learners who are enterprising and ready to play a full part in the world of work – ethical informed citizens, and healthy confident young people – the Welsh Government also needS to be ambitious. 

I believe my role as DGS will be to listen to and amplify the voices and experiences of all our members - Support staff, Leaders, Supply Members, Lay Officers and experienced activists - those in all sectors of education and in all the nations in which the NEU operates. I will amplify the voices of the nearly 20 thousand members in Wales. We have so much to learn from you.

At the moment, too much of the discussion at Executive and District & Branch Secretary level of the union is England focused.  We do not fully and adequately hear, and learn from, members in Wales. I would change this.

I want to hear from all the nations in the National Education Union. 

It’s no secret that, at the moment, we do not hear enough of the voices of ordinary members at the Executive. We are too factionalised.

We need important decisions at the Executive to be decided in the meeting.  Too often the Executive debate is redundant because the decisions have been made the night before. This cannot be right. 

If the Executive is to do its important governance role properly and lead the union strategically then it needs to be an Executive – not a group of factions. I would work to achieve this and to promote the widest range of voices and concerns and to make sure that they are all heard respectfully – even when they are not agreed with.

I would do the same for all the Union’s procedures – and build into our processes a good understanding of different regulatory arrangements. I know the standard of proof required for the Wales Education Workforce Council is not the same as the Teachers’ Regulation Authority in England. It is vital that this is understood at all levels of the union - and that injustices do not happen because of lack a of understanding about individual nation’s regulation of the profession.