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#Ask Niamh Ep 4

The latest instalment of Ask Niamh is now available. In this episode, Niamh handles questions around new member voting rights in this election, and how she will hold any future Labour Government to account for NEU members.

Thank you for sending in your questions to Ask Niamh.

A couple of questions today.

Firstly, a question from a new NEU member, welcome.

I've just joined the NEU, can I vote in theGeneral Secretary election?Yes, you most certainly can.If you haven't received a ballot paper already, contact

You will need to request a ballot paper in plenty of timeto make sure that you can post it back bythe closing date on March 31.

I've had a number of questions about how I would hold Labour to account if they are the next Government. What will Labour do on education?

Starmer's five missions suggest more of the same:

Reforming education systems and raising standards everywhere.

I believe if Labour really is the next Government in waiting, then the education profession, children and parents need much more than these political sound bites.

We need investment and a guarantee of investment into teacher and support staff pay, guarantees of fully funded pay increases, increased per pupil funding that can lead to smaller class sizes, a qualified teacher in every classroom and specialized support for children with SEND.

As General Secretary, I will put pressure on this Government and the next to end the obsession with high stakes accountability systems that drive workload and suck the joy out of learning.

There must be the political will to trust the profession.

For more information about my campaign, please go to www.niamhsweeney.onlineLook out for your ballot paper and make your voice heard.

Make sure your vote counts before 31st March 2023.

Thank you.


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