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The NEU has reinvented collective trade unionism for the 21st century with its fantastic, pioneering use of technology to involve and empower its members throughout the pandemic. We must not go backwards. The union must build on its successes. 

I believe that all members must be offered the same opportunities to be represented, to participate, be heard and to contribute towards the policies of the NEU. We must drive forward Branch and District renewal to ensure they reflect our diverse membership.

As a full time teacher and workplace representative, I understand the difficulties that members have in finding time to participate in NEU activities and events. 

As a former National President I have the knowledge, skills and ability to critically appraise the successes of the last three years since the formation of the NEU. I have the experience and objectivity to oversee areas for development and I have the strategic vision to drive our policy direction to have a real impact on the working lives of all our members, and to affect educational change.

As DGS I commit to a strategic review of the various ways members become involved in the Union, locally, regionally and nationally. We must build on recent gains in membership and rep density to ensure all our Union members are truly represented. 

As DGS I commit to build on the technological advances we have made, through the pandemic, to open up our meetings, grow our member participation and make our democratic structure more accessible to working members. That is what makes for a democratic, member-led, modern Trade Union.

As DGS I commit to provide members in all stages of their career, in all roles and in all phases of education, accessibility to meaningful training and professional development

As DGS I commit to developing a programme of support for our grassroots activists, reps and members to support them to build the Union up from the workplace around issue that are important for them, their Schools, Nurseries, Colleges and wider communities. 

As DGS I commit to giving those new to the profession and the Trade Union Movement the skills and knowledge they need to develop their Trade Union activism.