Full Time Teacher


The Covid pandemic and subsequent exam fiasco created by the Government, has exposed to young people and their families what many of us have known as education professionals for many years. Our high stakes testing system - from Baseline to GCSE and A Level, is too pressured and too reliant on rote learning and teaching to the test. It labels too many of our young people, particularly those who suffer from poverty and deprivation, as failures. It is not fit for purpose. 

As DGS I commit to ensuring that the NEU, the voice of the profession, drives curriculum and assessment reform to ensure that our education system is fairer and more inclusive. 

As DGS I commit to ensuring that we have a curriculum and assessment system that recognises young people’s achievements, supports teacher professionalism and raises education standards for all, particularly for those with SEND. 

As DGS I commit to end the system that encourages game playing and off rolling; to end the practice of Schools competing against each other for pupils, results and league table places.

Promote Equality

As the voice of the profession the NEU must promote the vital importance of an inclusive education system and the positive impact this has on developing a fairer society. The NEU must continue to campaign to end child poverty and inequality in education and the wider society.

Education in the 21st Century must be global in its vision and perspective, enabling young people to participate as citizens and to change society for the better. 

As DGS I commit to work relentlessly to end child poverty 

As DGS I commit to the union’s engagement with education unions throughout the world. We have so much to learn from one another.