I am delighted to be officially standing as a candidate in the NEU election for Deputy General Secretary.

I will ensure that our union is relevant for ALL our members, so we can ensure ALL children have access to the education they need as global citizens in the 21st century.

I am a full time teacher, I know how hard it is.  Whatever your position in a school or college; teacher, support staff or leader we are all working more unpaid overtime than ever before. It is relentless and excessive.

As DGS I will commit to ensuring that our 1265 hours of directed time is protected, that teaching assistants are not exploited by being deployed to cover whole classes. 

As DGS I commit to addressing rising workload connected to spurious lesson observations, learning walks, drop-ins, book looks and excessive marking policies. The increase in busy work that does nothing to improve educational standards but everything to drive up anxiety and workload in the profession. 

I know that together we will bring about real change for all professionals working in education.

To stand with me click here.

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I believe in a Trade Union that protects workers’ rights by improving the status of all education professionals. 
The NEU must continue to build from its base and seek recognition in work places at all levels and work through effective collective bargaining to advance the status and interests of the profession. 
As a full time teacher, I understand the problems you encounter every day. 
I have worked in an environment where the toxic, bullying culture was enabled by the leadership team, who were themselves bullied and hounded by an accountability system that could end their career in one phone call. 
It is because of the outstanding support provided by my Union that I resolved to stay in the profession I love.

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Full Time Teacher
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I work hard to get our Unions efforts, campaigns and members concerns noticed by the media. A well informed community is an empowered one. Please take a look at some of the coverage I’ve received below.

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Article in the TES - 'I love my college job – that's why I'm on strike'
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If you want to stand with me for a strong, vibrant and active union that is driven to bring about genuine and positive change for our sector then please sign up and offer your support using our online form. 
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